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Prices are with and without VAT in Czech crowns. Prices are rounded to whole crowns. When calculating the hourly rate, each started hour is counted.

Cars and vans (3.5 tons)

Complete changing tires (assembly, disassembly, inflation and tire balancing)

13″-14″15″-16″17″-18″19″-20″21″-22″23″-24″van + offroad (3,5 T)van MAXI
aluminium/steel rims800,-/968,-1000,-/1210,-1400,-/1694,-1900,-/2299,-2400,-/2904,- 3000,-/3630,-1600,-/1936,- 2000,-/2420,-
tire pumping pneumix 1 piece150,-/182,-200,-/242,-250,-/303,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-300,-/363,-300,-/363,-300,-/363,-
discount for changing complete wheel (without changing tires)200,-/ 242,-200,-/ 242,-300,-/ 363,-300,-/ 363,-400,-/ 484,-500,-/ 605,-300,-/ 363,-300,-/363,-

Individual actions

aluminium/steel rims 13″-16″aluminium/steel rims 17″-21″aluminium rims 22″-24″van
remove wheel from car200,-/242,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-250,-/303,-
tire and rim deassembly200,-/242,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-250,-/303,-
tire and rim assembly200,-/242,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-250,-/303,-
weight balancing 1 wheel (including weights)200,-/242,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-250,-/303,-
return wheel back on car 200,-/242,-250,-/303,-300,-/363,-250,-/303,-
additional payment for Run Flat, SUV, short valve stem / per item 150,-/182,-150,-/182,-200,-/242,-150,-/182,-

Other items

Wheels warehousing (1 set)200,-/242,- month
Chemical cleaning of alluminium wheels (1 piece)300,-/363,-
Chemical cleaning of alluminium wheels (1 piece) very dirty400,-/484,-
Tubeless valve stem40,-/48,-
Ecological tire disposalZDARMA
Tire fixing – cold vulcanizing (1 tire)650,-/787,- 1pcs
Rim repair300,-/363,-
Sack for one wheel20,-/24,-
Rent a used wheel (1 wheel/day)500,-/605,-
Express tire delivery from external warehouse500,-/605,-
Parking fee – unguarded (in case of late pick up from your side)500,-/605,- day
Removal of locking lug nut (based on difficulty)from 1000,- – 3000,- / 1210,- – 3630,-
Fee for centerless wheel200,-za kus /242,- 1pcs
Express provision of new tiresfrom 1000,- – 4000,- / 1210,- – 4840,-
Grinding of the edge of the ALU disc500,-/605,-
ALU disk repair (depending on the level of difficulty)from 2500,-/3025,-
Priority acceptance of the customer without a schedule500,-/605,-
Failure to use the ordered service date without an apology at least 3 hours in advance500,-/605,-


Tire change (front and rear) without additional mechanic work1200,-/1452,-
Front wheel tire change (including assembly/deassembly)800,-/968,-
Rear wheel tire change (including assembly/deassembly)1000,-/1210,-
Weight (1g)3,- without VAT
Valve stem150,-/185,-
Mechanic work1000,-/hod

Trucks and buses

do 19,5″22,5″nad 22,5″
ire change including assembly/deassembly (1 wheel)1000,-/1210,-1500,-/1815,-individual
Tire repair1000,-/1210,-2000,-/2420,-individual
Ecological disposalfreefreefree
Rent a used wheel1000,-/1210,-1500,-/1815,-X

Nonstop service, pick up service, road service

Work of a mechanic in the field (PKW 9-18hod)1500,-/1815,-
Work of a mechanic in the field (LKW 9-18hod)2500,-/3025,-
Pick up service - departure for interventionsurcharge up to 3.5 tons1000,-/1210,-
Road service fee (only wheel/tire service) transport1 km30,-/36,-
Working operation 1x tires 13″-16″surcharge up to 3.5 tons550,-/666,-
Working operation 1x tires 17″-19″surcharge up to 3.5 tons750,-/908,-
Working operation 1x tires 20″-24″surcharge up to 3.5 tons1000,-/1210,-
WEEKEND SUPPLEMENT + PUBLIC HOLIDAY 9:00 - 22:001000,-/1210,-
NONSTOP late work surcharge ! 18:00 – 22:00 !surcharge up to 3.5 tons1000,-/1210,-
NONSTOP late work surcharge ! 22:00 – 06:00 !surcharge up to 3.5 tons2000,-/2420,-
NONSTOP late work surcharge ! 06:00 – 09:00 !surcharge1000,-/1210,-
NONSTOP late work surcharge ! 18:00 – 22:00 !surcharge over 3.5 tons2000,-/2420,-
NONSTOP late work surcharge ! 22:00 – 09:00 !surcharge over 3.5 tons3000,-/3630,-
Work during 24.12., 25.12., 26.12., 1.1. (anytime)surchargedouble surcharge
Pick up service – car pick up (in 5 km radius)surcharge up to 3.5 tons700,-/847,-
Pick up service – car pick up (in Prague)surcharge up to 3.5 tons1000,-/1210,-
Pick up service - departure for truck interventionover 3.5 tons3000,-/3630,-
Towing service - in 5km radius around our premises Türkova 828/20, Prague. Price contains loading, unloading and maximum 10km way (combined way from our premises and back to our premises)car up to 3.5 t2500,-/3025,-
Towing service - surcharge for additional 1kmcar up to 3.5 t30,-/36,-

Car service

Mechanic work – car up to 3,5t (1 hour)1000,-/1210,-
Mechanic work – car up to 3,5t (1 hour) (when delivering your own parts)1400,-/1694,-
Mechanic work – car up above 3,5t (1 hour)2000,-/2420,-
Preparation and passing roadworthiness test (including roadworthiness test price)1600,-/1936,-
Basic diagnosticfrom 1500,-/1815,-
Road service fee 1000,-/1210,- + each km30,-/36,-
Car check and potential repair price estimation (in case repair is not ordered afterwards)1000,-/1210,-
3D geometryfrom 1500,- – 4000,- /from 1815,- – 4840,-
Trial test drivefrom 500,- / 605,-
Engine decarbonizationfrom 2000,-/2420,-
Adjusting the lights (regloskop)from 700,- / 847,-

Air Conditioning maintenance

Cleaning and refrigerant (R134a) refill800,-/968,-
Cleaning and refrigerant (R1234yf) refill1200,-/1452,-
refrigerant analysis500,-/605,-
New refrigerant R134a (price for 1g)3,- without VAT
New refrigerant R1234yf (price for 1g)6,- without VAT
PAG + POE oil (price for 1g)10,- without VAT

Car Cleaning

Ozone cleaning (small car)500,-/605,-
Ozone cleaning (SUV, pic up, van)700,-/847,-
Leather maintenance and impregnation1200,-/1452,-
Car seats steam cleaning1000,-/1210,-
Smaller cars - luxation all, plastic recovery, hand washing exterior1300,-/1573,-
SUV + combi - luxation all, plastic revitalization, hand washing exterior1600,-/1936,-
Vans and multi-seater cars - complete set, plastic recovery, hand washing exterior2100,-/2541,-